Private & Social Housing

Leck Construction Limited have produced high quality housing for their own housing division and for the private and public sectors for over 70 years.

Leck Construction Ltd have combined our contracting and housebuilding experience to outstanding affect, constructing some extraordinary private homes for private clients in stunning locations, some of which have included private swimming pools, fitness centres, wine cellars, entertainment cinema rooms, and the highest of quality kitchens, wet rooms, and bathroom installations, with eco and sustainable qualities.

For many years Leck construction have been associated with The NHBC (The National Housebuilding Council), an organisation that promotes and encourages good building practices, and motivates builders to achieve and maintain high standards.

The NHBC operates a premium rating scheme that recognises good building practice and long standing high standards, and Leck are proud to rated Grade A, the highest rating for a small to medium size house builder.

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